‘If’ Movie New York Red Carpet Premiere

This film was written, produced, and directed by John Krasinski. He based his idea on watching his kids as they dealt with having an imaginary friend. It’s pretty interesting how the thing that had you feeling confident and comfortable in life, ends up getting lost as you grow up and because you think you have outgrown it. However, it’s the very thing needed to help you in the toughest times.

This is where we find Bea (Cailey Fleming), a young girl who when she was little, had a great imagination. But once some tribulations come her way, she loses her desire to be a kid but she has the ability to see other kids imaginary friends. She meets her neighbor Cal and together they work to help the IF’s (short for imaginary friend) reunite with their kids or they will fade away. Cailey really has the preteen attitude downpack. She’s enjoyable to watch and has the audience rooting for her.

Cal (Ryan Reynolds) is Bea’s neighbor who is working to get the IFs back with their kids. Ryan shows his capability of being funny as an adult in a childlike world. Like the way he was able to act along with these characters and help to emphasize the importance of having the IFs around.

This movie had some slow moments. Maybe if they had some songs from Taylor Swift may have given the movie a lift in the slow areas. The orchestra has potential but a film for kids, maybe not. Imagine that. Rate this movie (3/4)🍿must see in theaters Friday, May 17th…