Interview With A Vampire S2 is back with a bite

Interview With A Vampire Season 2 is a bloody, emotional, and gothic masterpiece. The second season of AMC + Interview with the Vampire is cut-throat and takes a chunk out of your heart. Anchored by a stunning, harrowing performance by Jacob Anderson as the titular vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac he navigates a new found independence in post-war Paris. The show does not miss a beat and packs a heavy punch pulling you more and more into the journey. Standout performances by Delainey Hayles “Claudia” and Assad Zaman “Armand” round out the stellar cast. 

Along with the phenomenal score, amazing writing, and gorgeous visuals, I am sure this season will be a top contender and an undeniable force to be reckoned with in the upcoming award seasons. 

Interview With A Vampire Season 2 is now streaming on AMC +.

8/10 Rating

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