Amandla Stenberg and her journey into The Acolyte: Star Wars.

The Acolyte opens up a new view into the Star Wars saga. Providing a new story to indulge in whether you are a fan of the Jedi or the Sithe. Amandla opens up about the time and commitment she put into the character and herself. Also how she prepared mentally and the physical training for The Acolyte: Star Wars was no small task.

The Acolyte tells the story of a former Padawan played by Amandla Stenberg who reunites with her Jedi Master, Master Soi played by the amazing Lee Jung-Jae to investigate a series of crimes but discovers the forces they confront are more sinister than they ever anticipated. Surrounded by an amazing ensemble cast The Acolyte story takes Star Wars story into a new genre unlike ever before.

The Acolyte: Star Wars is now streaming on Disney Plus.